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SHINee World Philippines


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SHINee World Philippines

Mabuhay! This is SHINee Pinas, a livejournal community where Filipino fans, both from inside and outside the country, gather to pay tribute to the group that has been recently formed by SM Entertainment, SHINee (22 May 2008). SHINee Pinas is SHINee World Philippines' livejournal community.

SHINee Pinas? What for? The primary goal of establishing a fanbase for the Filipino fans is to bring the Filipino fans together. In line with this, we aim to be recognized by SM Entertainment as the official fanclub of the Filipino SHINee fans. This way, we would be able to bring SHINee to the Philippines and, more importantly, closer to us Filipino fans.

Respect each other. We all live in a world where we can freely express ourselves. Respect the opinions and beliefs of your fellow fans. Use an LJ-Cut for lengthy posts. Place pictures behind an LJ-cut. Label your posts properly. If you post contains adult material, place a warning in the subject line. Also, do not forget to credit your source.

ONEW (postages@gmail.com) | YUMEYANA (hikaru.ryo@gmail.com)